Fiddledelphia is a new (since 2011) student string ensemble led by multi-instrumentalist, teacher and arranger Shelley Weiss.  Based in the Philadelphia area, current teaching locations are in Bryn Mawr and Lansdale, PA.

Message from Shelley:
"I created Fiddledelphia to give kids a fun outlet for their playing.  Many kids reach a plateau in their playing and practicing becomes a chore.  They also long for a more personal way to express themselves.  My goal is to make music so fun that kids practice because they want to, not because they have to.  The result is, they progress in leaps and bounds, which makes everyone happy!

"The ensemble is open to violin, viola, cello, bass, mandolin & guitar students.  We sing sometimes too, but everyone in the group plays an instrument.  If they play an additional instrument (flute, clarinet, etc.) and want to play it in the ensemble, I will incorporate it into a song's arrangement.  Fiddledelphia is about each individual student & what they bring to the equation.

"Bluegrass & fiddle tunes are the foundation of our repertoire, but in our most recent performance, we played a Russian folk tune, an Irish Jig set, and an American fiddle tune (with multiple soloists) by the late, great Buck Owens.  We also love songs that encourage jamming, and play arrangements of more popular songs like James Brown's 'I Got You (I Feel Good)'.  We learn both by written music and by ear, listening to CD's that I record & create for the group.  We perform from memory.

"Fiddledelphia is not for absolute beginners, nor is it a substitute for private lessons.  Minimum age to join the group is 7 or 8; maximum age (for now) is about 13 or 14... although this is somewhat flexible depending on the child.  

"Please fill out the contact form if you'd like more information.  Happy fiddling!"

Quotes from students & parents:
"I have never seen Billy so excited in my life as when he comes home from your class.  He LOVES everything!  Your music is in every CD and MP3 player in my house, sometimes playing simultaneously in multiple rooms."  - Lisa, parent

"That was the greatest day of my WHOLE life!" - Billy, student, age 10 (after Fiddledelphia's first performance)

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